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Floor fans for cooling small and medium-sized rooms, characterized by the rotating front grille, which generates a pleasant spiral breeze and avoids the annoyance induced by a constant air flow.

Construction in plastic resin resistant to aging due to exposure to the sun ("UV resistant"), with additives of antistatic filler to prevent the accumulation of dust. Handles and power cable housing integrated into the casing to simplify handling and storage during periods of non-use.

6-blade fan in thermoplastic resin, with a nominal diameter of 300 mm.

3-speed motor, heat-protected, with shaft mounted on high quality self-centering and self-lubricating bushings, to guarantee silent and reliable operation for a duration consistent with the destination of the products.

Front grille rotation mechanism including synchronous motor and rubber gear housed in the front casing.

Control unit consisting of two rotary switches.

Electrical insulation class: II (earthing is not required).

Compliant with the requirements of the European Regulation N ° 206/2012.


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